Pressure Cooker :: instant cheesecake bites

new york 'munchie' cheesecake singles: (spoiler these are too awesome) --

schmear cream cheese onto two(2) (cinnamon) graham crackers

mix a tbsp of sour cream w/ a tsp of sugar, and about 1/4 tbsp of vanilla; spread that on top

(you may ask.. why not mix the cream cheese up too? because its not as liquidy and I’m lazy)

put 1 cup water in the pressure cooker, then your trivet, topped with a layer of aluminum foil -

place your future-deliciousness onto the aluminum foil -

6min HP; QPR;

set up in freezer for 10min (put the whole aluminum foil in there!)

slice up and serve (they will be slightly crunchy!)

verdict? compleat and total awesomness